that's me
Hi, I'm Michele Pasin.

This site provides information about my work, which generally revolves around three areas:

  • Knowledge engineering & data modeling - in all of its flavors: logical, relational, document oriented, ontology-based, linked data, knowledge graphs etc..
  • Visual analytics tools that make it easier to explore interactively and make sense of multi-faceted data.
  • Digital tools that support research and scholarly work, both in the humanities and hard sciences.

  • Still interested?

    Great! You can find out more by looking at my projects, or my LinkedIn CV.

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    Featured projects

    Springer Nature SciGraph
    Large Linked Open Data platform for the research and scholarly domain.
    Personal information management tool for organizing text 'highlights'.
    Python library for extracting schema information from RDF ontologies.
    Wikipedia citations explorer
    An interactive visualization showing references from Wikipedia to