WORK / Code

Ontologies & Data Models

NPG Core ontology

Apr 2015

An ontology for the scholarly publishing domain, used by


Jul 2013

An ontology aimed at the formal representation of humanities citation structures.

ArtOfMaking ontology

Nov 2012

An ontology describing the domain of sculpture

Feudalism ontology

Nov 2011

A domain ontology describing the Middle Ages

Conflict ontology

Jul 2011

An ontology for World War I based on CIDOC-CRM

PhiloSURFical Ontology

Aug 2008

An ontology for the philosophical domain.

Cohere ontology

Jan 2007

A lightweight ontology that models the argumentative relations between ideas at a high level of abstraction.

Scripts & Experiments


Jun 2015

A Python toolkit for viewing and querying RDFS/OWL ontologies.

Snipplr to Github Gist

Mar 2013

Python script that automates transferring your existing code snippets from Snipplr to GitHub Gist


Jan 2013

Python API for SPARQL Endpoints

Impromptu Extensions

Apr 2012

A collection of various add-ons for the Impromptu livecoding environment

Guardian newsfeeds visualizer

Dec 2011

Experimental RSS visualization made with Impromptu.

Impromptu Wiki-Helper

Feb 2010

Access the online wiki from the Impromptu programming environment.

OCML to OWL translator

Jan 2007

A Lisp script that translates an OCML ontology into an OWL one.

Web Applications


Oct 2014

Web-based visualizer for RDFS/OWL ontologies.


Jan 2012

A minimal Links-Navigator app for Django.

Django Basic_project

Oct 2011

A reusable Django project structure, with a few batteries included.


Dec 2010

A faceted browser engine for Django.

PhiloSURFical Webapp

Jun 2008

Webapp that allows the semantic navigation of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Card Sorting Visualization tool

May 2007

LISP software for managing data acquired through a card-sorting experiment.