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Live coding (sometimes referred to as 'on-the-fly programming', 'just in time programming' and related term 'live programming') is a programming practice centred upon the use of improvised interactive programming. Live coding is often used to create sound and image based digital media, and is particularly prevalent in computer music, combining algorithmic composition with improvisation.

Strasbourg RMLL performance

Jul 2011

Livecoding concert at 2011 Libre Software Meeting, Strasbourg.

Livecoding at La Generale, Paris

Jul 2011

Livecoding concert at La Generale, Paris.


Jan 2011

A livecoded song made with Impromptu; starts with an electro beat and then develops into a Wagnerian prelude.

Thursday Club Xmas Party

Dec 2010

My performance at the Thursday Club Xmas Party, organized by Goldsmith's University, London, UK.

My Misty morning

Apr 2010

Ambient synth sounds create a dark and permeating atmosphere.

Anatomy Museum livecoding

Jan 2010

Livecoding evening at the Anatomy Museum, Kings College, London

Livecoding at The Shunt, London.

Oct 2009

Livecoding at the (mythical!) Shunt as part of the din performance night.