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Many Sunrises

Jan 2013

Ambient Electronica


Jan 2011

Algorithmically composed song; starts with an electro beat and then develops into a Wagnerian prelude.

Walking the Monster

Jan 2010

A short electronic piece, created as a soundtrack for the Walking the Monster video.

Japanese Terror in Sancasan

Jan 2010

Electro/ambient piece with some progressive-rock influences.

Wonderful Nightmare

Jan 2009

A voice-narrated horror story, seasoned with lots of disturbing noises and dark synths.

Kryos Project - Kryos Noise

Jul 2007

Progressive rock album I worked on together with the Kryos Project ensemble.

Pump Up

Jan 2005

A moderately fast electro beat, with some pungent synths and dreamy pads.

Rebirth Fever

Nov 2002

Rebirth fuelled acid loops